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Contrary to what is stated in this section or expressly agreed in writing between you and Spotify, the agreements constitute all the terms agreed between you and Spotify and include all previous agreements relating to the purpose of these agreements, whether written or orally. 1 Introduction 2 Changes to Agreements 3 Enjoy spotify 4 Payments and Cancellations 5 With our service 6 apps and third-party devices 7 Related Content 8 rights, grant us 9 User Policies 10 Violation and User Content Reporting 11 Restrictions and Service Changes 12 Brand Accounts 13 Spotify Support Community 14 Customer Assistance 15 Export Control 16 Duration and Termination 17 Guarantee Clause 18 Restriction and Time for Presentation of 19 Rights Third Party 20 Full Contract 21 Severability , waiver and interpretation 22 Cession 23 Exemption 24 Choice of the law, mandatory, simple, and place 25 Contact us Spotify respects the rights of intellectual property holders. If you believe that the content violates your intellectual property or other rights, see Spotify`s Copyright Policy If Spotify is informed by a copyright holder, using forms provided by Spotify, that the content violates copyright, Spotify may, at its sole discretion, remove that content from the service or take any other action that Spotify deems appropriate. , without the user or any other party who has provided or posted this content in advance. If this user or any other party feels that they are not violating the content, they may, under certain circumstances, send a counter-communication to Spotify asking them to retrieve any remote content that Spotify may or may not respect at Spotify`s sole discretion. As is used under these conditions, the words “include” and “including” and variations of them are called “unrestricted.” If you purchased or received a code, gift card, prepaid offer or other offer provided or sold by Spotify or spotify to access a paid subscription (“Code”), separate terms and conditions that will be submitted to you with the Code may also apply to your access to the Service and you agree to comply with these Terms. You can also get access to a paid subscription through a third party. In such cases, separate terms and conditions may apply to your access to the service with that third party in addition to the agreements. A party wishing to request arbitration must first send the other a written notification of the dispute by certified mail, Federal Express, UPS or Express Mail (signature required) or, if we do not have a physical address for you, by email (“notification”). Spotify`s address for the message is: Spotify USA Inc., Attn: General Counsel, 4 World Trade Center, 150 Greenwich Street, 62nd Floor, New York, New York 10007, United States.