Sales Support And Marketing Services Agreement

This section contains a clear list of commitments and restrictions related to the duties of the trade advisor and depends on factors such as business expectations, products or services sold and compensation schedule. A lawyer can tell you what tasks apply to your situation and whether additional requirements need to be included. Any important term must be included in this agreement. A lawyer may contribute to the unwittingly being omitted. “Remarketer,” a commercial entity that buys products or services for marketing purposes. THE business advisor wants to commercialize services to customers and has the necessary marketing capabilities and capabilities to do so in a way that positively reflects the image of the company and services. This form assumes that the sales advisor is an individual. Note that working with a person in this capacity requires consideration to avoid creating an involuntary employer-employee relationship. An employment law specialist can help you decide practices in order to obtain contracting status independent of the commercial advisor. If the selling advisor performs a “personal” role in his representation of the company, the advisor cannot give up his interests and obligations under this contract. If the sales advisor is a business entity, there are other assignment options that can be discussed with a lawyer.

Clauses such as these are usually added when a sales advisor collects or accesses customer data as part of the service request. CONSIDERING that a sales advisor for the purchase, marketing and sale of certain products and/or services (“services”) to prospects and clients (“customers”) of the – and in order to preserve the status of contracter independent of the sales advisor, discuss with a lawyer whether the mandate should end after a specified period, for example. B of one year, with an automatic one-year extension. Clauses such as these are particularly important when the sales consultant collects or accesses protected health information, payment card holder data or other consumer information as part of the sales process. Compliance with the relevant federal and regional laws is essential. A lawyer can help them determine how they comply with data protection and security laws and federal notification laws. Enter the geographic area (i.e.: The country or countries in which the sales advisor will sell the company`s products or services. The thoughtful and concise definition of the area covered by the agreement is essential.

For example, territory is a factor in the application of the terms of the non-competition clause of the agreement. In addition, legal advice is tailored to the relevant area, so it is important to understand the area in which the consultant will act in order to know the rights and obligations of your company. f. All costs and expenses incurred by the sales advisor for the performance of the service (including, for example, telephone and travel) and other marketing and distribution costs are covered by the commercial consultant and are not reimbursed by the company.] (a)