Master Fee Agreement Real Estate

Does anyone have a copy of a framework contract? I`m a little tired of getting the same email from 27 different people when the new launch has a lot of JV partners. Okay, more than a little. I even understand how it`s made and why they do it, but it`s no less painful to fill your inbox with spammy products. I mean, the prices they calculate for a few folders with a photocopied course and a few CDs. It seems like people who create products for real estate investors consider her a big con. It is not so bad if personal contact with the author is included. But even then, I wonder if they actually do the business, in what case is it possible that they have enough time to create and market these courses – and why would they offer it to as many people as possible? All it does is create competition. Oh wait – most of the people who buy the courses won`t do anything with them, so there may not be too much competition. I admit that I dropped thousands of dollars on the courses. And the more I see, the more it looks like revitalized information with very inexpensive content.

Some of the best content I have comes from books I`ve received in bookstores for less than 20 $US. And as for this last course, there is another one that you can get back for $97, but it`s not over-marketed and the author will actually answer your questions directly. Bet that this new course costs more than $97 – and yes, the author of the $97 course is indeed an active reO mass investor. The framework fee agreement indicates how much the seller will pay you to bring a buyer as a consultant or agent. This is given to the title company so that they can put your fees on the HUD. Normally, in commercial transactions, the buyer does not pay the 3 points to the seller, unless you are his exclusive listing agent. I know I preach a little to the choir. But it was my $0.02 that was added to yours. 🙂 I don`t hesitate to recommend a price-based course, unless I really feel like it`s a waste of time. For the simple fact that all of these things come with a money-back guarantee of at least 30 days (these are Visa/MC rules), so if what you just paid a Great for turns out to be crap, the property is really up to you to consume it in that month and decide if you feel like: whether the value is there or not. I have to admit, I myself have a half-loving, half-hateful relationship with product launches. I understand why they work.

And I`m not accusing anyone of wanting to use a proven model to sell as much as possible to a thirsty quantity. We all try the same thing when we sell our homes (which is really just another commodity, isn`t it?) I hate product launches – makes some really good and knowledgeable gerus look like Hucksters. And I understand that they are getting harder and harder to do, probably because emails from these Hucksters are automatically sent to the deletion box. . . .