Louvre Agreement Csgo

Following the announcement of FACEIT`s FLASHpoint League on February 5, ESL presented its new agreement with 13 of the world`s leading Counter-Strike teams. An innovative new agreement between the leading teams CS:GO, ESL and DreamHack will govern the implementation of the Pro League and the share of revenue and profits from the esL Pro Tour competitions. Teams that represent the highest level of the professional CS:GO also become majority players in the league with a place of long-term participation. Through the partnership with the leading CS:GO teams, the new agreement establishes the ESL Pro Tour as one of the most valuable features in the global esports business. The agreement establishes a deep partnership between ESL, DreamHack and partner teams and introduces: the agreement also includes invitations from members to ESL Pro Tour tournaments, competition standards, player influence, team commitments at tournaments and establishes guidelines for future joint efforts. Ronaldo is more involved than initially in the “Free Fire” because he will also be the ambassador of the global brand. The financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed. “Throughout the development process of this agreement, we have kept Valve in a loop before and after the blog post on our plans,” Schulze said. “We work closely with the publishing house and, of course, we are putting them into these huge changes.” The deal will transform the ESL Pro League, the world`s longest professional league for CS:GO, into a 24-man competition with a single global division that moves away from the regionalized model. ESL has announced an exclusive contract with 13 CS:GO teams, called “Louvre Accord” and offering long-term slots in their Global Pro League. In the middle of the FLASHPOINT operation, organized by the main third-party client FACEIT, ESL considered building a strong alliance with 13 partner teams as part of the Louvre agreement. In addition to the ESL and Dreamhack, these teams will take over the all-new ESL Pro League and the ESL Pro League.

These 13 participants will receive direct invitations to the ESL Pro League Gig, giving them their own long-term slots for the future. The Louvre agreement completely overhauled the format of the Pro League, in which 11 teams would join these 13 partner teams. Over the coming season, a list of 11 teams has already been invited to the event, but from season 12, we would see a lot of changes in The Act, since the remaining 11 teams would have to qualify for the Pro League through the ESL World Rankings or by the Mountain Dew League qualifiers.