How Do I Fill Out A Florida Listing Agreement

The Florida Real Agent Listing Agreement is a contract that sets out the terms and conditions of sale of a residential or commercial property. After a broker accepts the representation, a real estate seller will use the agreement to define the price they wish to earn from the sale, as well as the commission rate (%) or fees ($) offered to the agent for their listing services and other obligations. The contract sets a start and expiration date to determine the period during which the contract comes into force. While the contract is valid, the broker has the right to list the property in accordance with the seller`s conditions and to receive a commission after the conclusion of the sale. Agency Disclosure (§ 475.278) – Florida law requires real estate agents, buyers, or sellers to provide written disclosure describing the agent`s obligations. The disclosure must take place before or at the same time as the performance of a reference contract or other representation document and be served on the person. Property Disclosure Statement (Johnson v. Davis, 480 So.2d 625) – According to Florida case law, a real estate seller must deliver this statement to buyers to inform them of factual defects affecting the value of their property. Dual Agency (§ 475.278 (1) (a)) – Illegal in Florida.

Although the agent can act as a transaction agent. Search for a Licensee – Use this search option to review the listing information of a real estate agent in Florida….