Computer Software Service Agreement

An IT contract governs contract work specifically related to TI (information technology) and computer repair or maintenance. This agreement may be adapted for fixed-term contracts that end on a specified date, contracts related to projects whose duration depends on the completion date of work, or for long-term and indeterminate employment relationships with no fixed date. B. The provider agrees that the services provided by this contract are provided by persons designated by the supplier or by others, as the customer consents to in writing. “service”: time recording, billing, accounting and project management services (including advance service and associated complementary services) that are related to access and use of software products; which are hosted by BQE Software and which the customer has subscribed as part of the corresponding order, are provided, including documentation, updates, updates, support and content (for example. B information and audio and training documents) contained in software products or provided to BQE Software customer as part of the provision of the Political Union policy and policy commission BQE software can change the function and functions of the service at any time and for any reason. , without notice. CONSIDERING that the customer has approached the vendor to write certain software programs as described in this agreement. LawDepot`s IT service agreement contains conditions that specify that the contractor (the company or person providing the service) does not provide or use private information and that the obligation of secrecy persists even after the end of the contract. 5) Equipment: the customer`s computer equipment and the corresponding devices, in accordance with the law or any other equipment that can be agreed between the parties; A. Immediate payment by the installer of the amount due under this agreement, if the customer does not pay the amount due under this agreement in _____________days due date; 1. Both parties undertake to treat confidentially any information relating to the affairs and affairs of the other party that were or have been received as a result of the discussions that took place or which took place at the conclusion of this agreement, except what it is: 1.

This agreement may be denounced in the following circumstances : f. The client ensures a clean, healthy and safe working environment for the supplier`s staff, while providing the services provided for in this agreement. In this agreement, unless otherwise stated, the following interpretation applies: the invalidity or inapplicability of a clause in this contract does not render the other provisions and the rest of the contract invalid or unenforceable, and the agreement remains fully in force and effective. “Confidential information,” information (other than customer data) that is disclosed directly or indirectly, in writing or by inspection of physical property (i) that is identified as confidential or proprietary by the publication party or (ii) that, because of captions or other trademarks, appears reasonably confidential or proprietary. , the circumstances of the disclosure or the nature of the information itself.