Collective Agreement Pam

The agreement was reached by PAM for workers and by the Finnish hotel association MaRa for employers. Around 75,000 employees in Finland work under collective agreements. • The collective agreement contains provisions relating to the management of workers and the date of posts. The changes will enter into force from 1.1.2021. • Extended daily rest time. The daily rest between the shifts is 11 hours. Employees in some workplaces may decide to reduce the daily rest period to 8 hours. Scope The collective agreement applicable to workers in the hotel, restaurant and leisure sector sets out the minimum requirements to be met in the sector, including payment, working time, sickness benefits, work allowance, etc. The conditions are minimum that employers must meet for all their employees. The agreement applies to workers covered by the Working Time Act. The collective agreement for hotel employees, The catering and leisure sector generally applies to jobs such as: restaurants, cafes, pubs, discos, caterers and staff canteens, convenience and manufacturing kitchens, hotels and other tourist accommodation establishments, spas and wellness centers, camping and caravans, holiday and holiday parks, rural tourist services, petrol and transport stations, bowling alleys, holiday centres and yards, congress and promotion centres, Sales, marketing and brokerage of Finnish tourist services. This one-day workshop will improve your understanding of this important document. You`ll learn about some of the most important provisions, while the workshop introduces you to a simple four-step approach to interpreting collective agreements.

Based on case studies, you practice the application of the collective agreement to real employment situations, taking into account the intention of the parties and identifying the resources available to you. In short, collective bargaining in the sector in 2020 took place in exceptional circumstances due to the difficulties due to the coronavirus pandemic. In spring 2020, the previously agreed fare period was extended until the end of September due to the coronavirus. At the end of the contract term, an agreement has been reached and the new collective agreement is in force from 1.10.2020 to 31.3.2022. The amount of wage increases was not agreed in collective bargaining. .