Centurylink Total Advantage Agreement

If you are an authorized reseller of D&H or one of D&H`s associated companies (“D&H Resellers”) and unless otherwise agreed in a separate written agreement between us regarding the Services, you agree that the terms of the D&H Customer Application, as amended by this Agreement, govern your purchase of resale services to your customers and your or your customers` use of the Site. These Terms apply in addition to all terms applicable to certain Services or the Site, including all other D&H or third party licenses, Terms of Use or User Agreements and other policies that are part of this Agreement and that are included by reference in this Agreement. You must pay for the use of the Services by you or your customers, unless otherwise agreed by D&H. You authorize D&H to automatically charge all amounts you have to pay in connection with your customers` use of the Services using the payment method you selected during the registration process or the payment information you provide thereafter, regardless of the status of your account with D&H and subject to the terms of the agreement between you and your payment provider. Your right to order the Services is subject to any limits set by your credit card or other payment issuer. When it comes to any valid credit cards you make available to D&H for payment purposes, if you don`t notify D&H before that credit card`s expiration date, if you want to do things the old-fashioned way, payment by mail is definitely an option. However, you can only use a check or payment order. The company asks you not to send cash. Make sure you give your email enough time to get to the CenturyLink payment office, otherwise it will be considered late. Make sure you have attached your payment account from your invoice and include your account number on your cheque. “Terms” means the terms of this Agreement, as well as additional terms, conditions and policies regarding services posted online on a third party`s website or website. D&H charges you a $19.95 reactivation fee for each terminated customer account. Transfers should include any additional processing fees that may be incurred, in particular international transfers.

It is your responsibility to ensure that these additional charges are added, if any, to the transfer sent to us. You are responsible for billing and collecting payments for your customers` services. If life gets in the way, you may find that you can`t always pay your bill on time. In this case, you may need to enter into a payment agreement. Call CenturyLink and talk to a customer service agent about why your payment is delayed. You`ll look at your balance and payment history and offer an option that, whenever possible, makes payment a little more convenient for you. “you” or “your” in this Agreement means any person or entity who accepts this Agreement, has access to your account, uses the Services or the Website, or orders the Services, and includes D&H Resellers (defined below) and their end users, as applicable. By using the Services, you agree that D&H may use such data in accordance with D&H`s Privacy Policy. Your use of third-party services may also be subject to the third party`s privacy policy.

If applicable, you agree to have obtained appropriate consent from your customers for D&H to provide their usage information associated with the Services. . . .