Bank Of America Deposit Agreement And Disclosures Brochure

You have an additional period after the three calendar-day due date (for deposit accounts of less than 31 days or less) or ten calendar days (for time deposit accounts with maturities of more than 31 days) to withdraw money without penalty. If you close your account during the extra period, you will not receive any interest after the due date. What is a replacement exam? To expedite the processing of cheques, federal law allows banks to replace original cheques with “replacement cheques.” These tests are similar to the size of the original tests with a slightly reduced image of the front and rear of the initial test. On the front of a replacement exam, it says, “This is a legal copy of your cheque. You can use it in the same way you would use the original exam. You can use a replacement cheque as proof of payment, just like the original cheque. If we are required to reimburse the government (state or confederation) for any reason all or part of a benefit or other payments that have been made into your account, you agree that, without notice, we may deduct the amount refunded to the government from your account or other account that you have with us. unless the deduction is prohibited by law. If your account balances are not sufficient to reimburse us in full, each owner and co-owner will be jointly responsible for the balance.

We are not responsible for payments that will be credited or not credited to your account because of government error or negligence. If we do not transfer from or to your account on time or at the correct height in accordance with our agreement with you, we will be responsible for any loss or damage caused by such a failure. There are, however, a few exceptions. We are not responsible, z.B.: We may also delay the availability of funds beyond the periods described above if a deposit is made on a new customer account. If you are a new customer, the following specific rules may apply for the first 30 days your account is open. All cheques, payment forms and deposit vouchers must be provided on forms we have received at home or that we approve in advance. You are responsible for verifying the accuracy of all the information contained in these forms. Our responsibility, if any, for printing errors on the forms we receive is limited to the cost of the exchange. We are not responsible for any other losses or damages you suffer. In addition, we are not liable or responsible for any losses or damages you suffer by using forms that we have not received or approved in advance by us, including, but not limited to your (i) choice, to have cheques printed by a supplier that we have not approved; (ii) the use of control stocks or safety devices that do not survive the conversion of the test into an electronic element or a replacement check; iii) carry out the check (for example.

B, slightly coloured ink) so that the information does not survive the cheque being converted into an electronic item or a replacement check; (iv) the use of a test stock containing printing inaccuracies, defective magnetic ink or faulty coding; or (v) use of the test stock with double serial numbers.